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Driven by Love,
Lead by Faith!

As a Catholic Life-Planning Coach, I'm here to provide support and guidance. Together we'll explore God's will and find purpose in the pains of life, using our faith to overcome challenges and find peace.

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Brands to Serve You

Every brand places emphasis on the body, mind, and soul, yet they each prioritize one of these aspects based on your specific needs. Heres to your healing, health and happiness!

Wise Catholic integrates Catholic wisdom with practical insights to help individuals deepen their faith and navigate modern life while staying rooted in church teaching and tradition.

Sanctus Life is Helping Catholics in midlife by integrating their spiritual beliefs with psychological principles for overall well-being and satisfaction.

Sancta Vita Health is about empowering you with nutritional guidance and health strategies to energize your body, fostering vitality for fulfilling your life's purpose.

About Me

Embarking on my educational journey has been much more than just acquiring knowledge; it's been about my personal growth and overcoming the myriad challenges' life has thrown at me.

The path I've taken is one marked by significant personal struggles:

Suicidal Depression: This has been perhaps the most serious of the challenges l've faced. It's a state where I've not only faced deep depression but also grappled with thoughts of ending my life. Finding a purpose through education has been a lifeline, offering me hope and a reason to persevere.

Anxiety and Depression: These common mental health issues have created significant barriers to my learning and personal growth. Education has provided me with tools and strategies to manage these conditions more effectively.

Burnout: Often a result of chronic stress, particularly in high-pressure environments like academia or certain workplaces. Learning about self-care and boundaries has been crucial in overcoming my burnout.

Overindulgence: Whether it's been overeating, over-drinking, or over-gaming, these behaviors have been symptomatic of underlying issues such as stress or a lack of fulfillment. Education has helped by providing me with a sense of direction and purpose.

These experiences, while incredibly tough, have the potential to be transformative, not just for me but also for others who might be facing similar difficulties.

Discover how to turn "Pain into Purpose".

Transforming Pain into Purpose

When Your Stuck, Frustrated and in Pain, you Need Someone to Help You Find Meaning and Purpose.

My Story

By being open about my struggles, aim to inspire others. It shows that it's possible to endure and emerge stronger on the other side.


I use my experiences to guide and support others in their personal and professional growth.


By sharing insights and providing constructive feedback, I help my clients navigate challenges and achieve their goals.


My approach is collaborative and tailored to the individual's needs, ensuring that the coaching experience is both empowering and effective.

Life-Coaching Education

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+ Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching

Why I Learned:

I pursued the Core Training, inspired by Tony Robbins' methodology, to understand the intricate workings of the human mind and behavior. My goal was to gain the expertise necessary to help individuals navigate the complexities of life's transitions. Learning these strategies was not just about expanding my skill set; it was about equipping myself to make a tangible difference in people's lives.

Benefit to You:

Personalized Support During Life Transitions: If you're struggling with a transition, whether it's a midlife crisis, high stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, or concerns about your overall mental well-being, my training enables me to offer you personalized guidance. I can help you uncover the root causes of your challenges and work with you to develop strategies that lead to lasting change.

Tools for Overcoming Obstacles: You'll benefit from a range of tools and techniques derived from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioral strategies, and positive psychology. These resources are designed to help you transform limiting beliefs and behaviors, equipping you with the resilience to overcome obstacles.

Empowerment for Sustainable Growth: My approach is centered on empowering you to take charge of your life. Together, we'll work on building a strong foundation for your growth, fostering a resilient mindset that can withstand the pressures of life's ups and downs.

Holistic Approach to Mental Well-Being: I offer a comprehensive approach to personal development, addressing your psychological, emotional, and behavioral needs. This holistic perspective ensures that we tackle your concerns in a manner that promotes overall mental well-being and helps you find balance and fulfillment.

By applying the insights and techniques from my Core Training, I am committed to supporting you through your personal journey, helping you to emerge with a clearer vision for your future and the tools to achieve it.

+ Brain Health Coach (Amen Clinics)

Why I Learned:

I embarked on the journey to become a Dr. Amen Certified Brain Health Professional out of a deep-seated commitment to enhance my expertise in supporting individuals facing life's multifaceted challenges. Recognizing the complexities of transition, midlife changes, high stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, and the pursuit of mental well-being, I sought to arm myself with the most effective tools and knowledge to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those I assist.

Benefit to You:

As you navigate through periods of transition, cope with the stresses of midlife, or confront feelings of anxiety and depression, my certification equips me with a wealth of specialized strategies and insights. I am prepared to offer you personalized guidance that is rooted in a deep understanding of brain health. Together, we can work towards enhancing your mental wellness, employing innovative and scientifically-backed approaches that cater to your unique circumstances and goals.

+ C.O.R.E Method - Success and Life Coaching

Why I Learned:

My journey into mastering Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching techniques was fueled by a passion to facilitate profound change. Recognizing the challenges many face with transitions, midlife crises, high stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression, I was driven to acquire tools that could make a tangible difference in mental well-being.

Benefit to You:

If you find yourself grappling with life's transitions, feeling the weight of midlife uncertainty, or battling the effects of stress and burnout, my expertise in NLP can be your beacon of hope. I offer tailored strategies to empower you, helping to dismantle self-imposed barriers and foster resilience. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey that not only addresses your immediate concerns but also equips you with lifelong skills for maintaining optimal mental health.

+ Dr. Berg’s Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach

Why I Learned:

My journey into the realms of keto dieting, intermittent fasting, and holistic wellness was born out of a desire to understand the profound impact of nutrition and lifestyle on mental health. As I navigated my own challenges with stress and transition, I discovered the empowering effects of these practices on emotional equilibrium and cognitive function.

Benefit to You:

If you're grappling with the turbulence of transition, whether it's midlife changes, high stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression, my education and experience are at your service. By embracing the principles I've learned, you can gain:

Strategies to manage stress: Learn how to harness the calming effects of certain dietary and fasting practices to mitigate stress.

Tools to combat burnout and anxiety: I'll share techniques to help you recharge your mental batteries and find peace amidst chaos.

Support for depression and mental well-being: Discover how a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle can complement traditional therapies and foster mental resilience.

Guidance through life's transitions: Benefit from personalized coaching that understands the nuances of midlife and other life changes, offering a roadmap to navigate them with confidence.

+ Ericksonian Hypnosis Certification

Why I Learned:

With a deep-seated fascination for the intricacies of the human mind and a compassionate drive to aid others in overcoming their struggles, I immersed myself in the study of hypnosis. My journey through Ericksonian Hypnosis training was fueled by a desire to comprehend how information processing and trauma can profoundly influence one's beliefs, habits, and actions. This knowledge is a cornerstone in my quest to support individuals navigating life's complexities.

Benefit to You:

If you find yourself grappling with life transitions, midlife challenges, high stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, or concerns about your mental well-being, my expertise in hypnosis can be a beacon of hope. The skills I've honed are tailored to unlock the transformative power of your unconscious mind, offering a unique pathway to healing and personal growth. Together, we can embark on a journey to rediscover your inner strength and foster resilience in the face of life's adversities.

+ NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Why I Learned:

To deepen my understanding of human behavior and enhance my effectiveness as a life coach, I pursued further education in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) after completing Robbins-Madanes training. This decision was driven by my commitment to providing comprehensive support to individuals facing life's challenges.

Benefit to You:

If you're struggling with life transitions, midlife changes, high stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, or concerns about your overall mental well-being, my expanded knowledge in NLP can be a valuable resource for you. By incorporating these techniques, I can offer tailored guidance that helps you reframe your experiences, manage stress more effectively, and foster a more resilient and positive mindset, setting the stage for lasting personal growth and fulfillment.

+ Life Purpose Coach Certification

Why I learned:

In my journey as a coach, I recognized the profound impact of addressing core issues such as addictions, unmet needs, and life's various stresses. I dedicated myself to learning the techniques and tools essential for guiding others in finding their purpose and creating lasting change. My journey into this field was driven by a desire to integrate spiritual wisdom with practical life strategies, ensuring that my clients can navigate life's challenges with both grace and resilience.

Benefit to you:

If you are struggling with transitions, midlife changes, high stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, or overall mental well-being, my faith-based life coaching can offer you a beacon of hope. By blending spiritual principles with tailored coaching techniques, I can help you:

Find Clarity and Purpose: Discover a clear direction and deeper meaning in your life that aligns with your faith and values.

Navigate Life Transitions: Receive guidance and support as you face significant life changes, ensuring you emerge stronger and more confident.

Manage Stress and Burnout: Learn strategies to cope with stress and prevent burnout by drawing upon spiritual strength and practical tools.

Overcome Anxiety and Depression: Gain insights and techniques that address the root causes of anxiety and depression, offering relief and a path to joy.

Enhance Mental Well-being: Cultivate a sense of peace and mental wellness that is grounded in your faith, empowering you to lead a fulfilling life.

+ Life Story Coach Certification

Why I Learned:

I delved into the intricate psychology behind the narratives we construct about our lives because I recognized the profound impact these stories have on our personal and professional development. By understanding the formation and influence of these internal dialogues, I have equipped myself with the knowledge to not only transform my own life story but to guide others in reshaping theirs.

Benefit to You:

If you're grappling with life transitions, midlife challenges, high stress, burnout, anxiety, or depression, my expertise can be a beacon of change for your overall mental well-being. With proven tools and strategies, I can help you:

Rewrite Your Story: Learn to identify and alter self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Quiet Your Inner Critic: Gain techniques to empower your self-talk and foster a nurturing internal environment.

Break Free from Self-Defeating Patterns: Replace habits that no longer serve you with ones that propel you towards success.

Build Self-Confidence: Develop a robust success identity that supports your goals and aspirations.

Release Emotional Baggage: Let go of past pains and burdens to make room for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Change Life Patterns: Utilize frameworks like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Transactional Analysis to create lasting change.

Take Control of Your Narrative: I will support you in transcending the story of your past, empowering you to take back control and author a future that resonates with your true potential.

Additional Trainings

+ How to Lift Depression Fast

Why I Learned:

Benefit to You:

+ From Goal to Success

Why I Learned:

Benefit to You:

+ Time Techniques

+ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

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